[Resource] GSC give yourself the one_inch_punch correctly

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  • Hi, I found a common mistake that some people do when they create mods that give someone the iron fist but it doesn't do any damage because they don't call monitor_melee_swipe() function in maps/mp/zombies/_zm_weap_one_inch_punch this function determine the damage for the iron fist.
    To fix this problem just call monitor_melee_swipe() in a thread.

    NOTE: You should Include _zm_weap_one_inch_punch.gsc with:

    #include maps/mp/zombies/_zm_weap_one_inch_punch;

    for monitor_melee_swipe() function.

    The list of the one_inch_punch that you can use:
    one_inch_punch_zm: Regular Punch
    one_inch_punch_upgraded_zm: Upgraded Punch
    one_inch_punch_air_zm: Upgraded Air Punch
    one_inch_punch_fire_zm: Upgraded Fire Punch
    one_inch_punch_ice_zm: Upgraded Ice Punch
    one_inch_punch_lightning_zm: Upgraded Lightning Punch

    Here an example to give yourself the upgraded iron fist:

    // The animation part its optional
    current_melee_weapon = self get_player_melee_weapon();
    self takeweapon( current_melee_weapon );
    str_weapon = self getcurrentweapon();
    self disable_player_move_states( 1 );
    self giveweapon("zombie_one_inch_punch_upgrade_flourish" );
    self switchtoweapon("zombie_one_inch_punch_upgrade_flourish" );
    self waittill_any( "player_downed","weapon_change_complete" );
    self switchtoweapon( str_weapon );
    self enable_player_move_states();
    self takeweapon("zombie_one_inch_punch_upgrade_flourish" );
    // The end of the animation part
    self giveweapon( "one_inch_punch_upgraded_zm" );
    self set_player_melee_weapon("one_inch_punch_upgraded_zm" );
    self thread monitor_melee_swipe();
  • hmmm very cool but even with the included file I get a error with monitor_melee_swipeCapture.PNG

  • @bad_renzo You should include _zm_weap_one_inch_punch.gsc with:
    #include maps/mp/zombies/_zm_weap_one_inch_punch;

  • hmmmmm noice, thanks alot!

    i was trying to do exactly that, solve the problem in origins were we cant finish the easter egg with more than 4 player because the game is coded to recognize 4-AND-Total number of players.

    pretty sure i would let this slip when implementing it, as im a complete noob at it.

  • @coder-x64 I did lol I said that in the message

  • @coder-x64 could you provide a download for this script?

  • @Vilowww this script is a part to fix another thing, theres no "easy download and run" on this

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