Getting other gamemodes and assets loaded in other maps

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  • So i have this Question is it possiable to get other gamemodes and ff files loaded into all ZM maps for assets and stuff for use?

  • @HeyBeavis45 I don't think so. Even if you try to precahce a shader or model, it won't load on the map unless those assets are on that specific map.

    Example: You cannot take the PHD Flopper model from Mob Of The Dead or Die Rise, and place it on Tranzit. It will just not load the PHD Flopper model. Or if you try to load the PHD Flopper icon on a map that isn't Origins. It just doesn't work.

    (unless there is different methods that I don't know)

  • @Cahz alright but can you force load the Mob grief assets to the normal mob and the transit survival stuff to normal transit?

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