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  • I have a 5700XT and only get 200 FPS on the lowest graphic settings. Looking at the sky only gets me to 220. Is there a way to boost fps even more? I want to get that juicy 333 fps so I can hit some 333fps & 250fps jumps/spots.

    I already used these commands even tho half don't work I just can't remember which ones:

    r_fog 0-1
    fx_draw 0-1
    r_detail 0-1
    r_normalmap Flat-Normal
    cg_brass 0-1
    r_distortion 0-1
    r_filmusetweaks 1
    cg_blood 0-1
    r_lodScaleRigid 1-4 4-for more fps
    cg_drawGun 0-1

    I'm on windows 10 and had a few ppl say w7 would be better but I don't want to switch to windows 7 just for MW3


  • @my-choppa-eat
    Most of the commands don't work due the sv_cheats 0 .. in the next update sv_cheats 1 should work for server admins, to allow more fps commands..
    The following are not cheat protected and work:
    r_detail 0
    dynEnt_Active 0
    r_fastskin 1
    r_dlightlimit 0
    cg_blood 0
    cg_brass 0
    cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash 1
    r_distortion 0
    r_dof_enable 0
    r_drawSun 0
    r_drawWater 0
    r_glow_allowed 0
    r_ssao 0_Off
    r_specular 0
    r_vsync 0
    sm_enable 0

  • @my-choppa-eat unless you are really lucky, i don't think you will get above that on windows 10, i don't exactly know the issue but it seems almost impossible to get 333 on win 10, only xerxes has that on win 10, and yes on win 7 you can get it easily but yeah i wouldn't "switch" just for mw3, but you can always have a 40gb partition for w7 if you want to test it

  • @my-choppa-eat Same problem with 2080ti and 9900k ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • For anyone making a Windows 7 partition on their PC for PlutoIW5, I have some advice:

    40GB is enough for Win7 but I recommend you disable the page file (Virtual memory) as early as possible, providing you have a good amount of RAM, 8GB or more This is necessary as 40GB is just about enough for Win7 excluding a paging file.
    Removing it should give you as much extra space as you have RAM, for example, if you had 8GB RAM, the paging file will be 8GB in size and removing it saves 8GB storage.

    Before doing anything with MW3 itself, update Windows fully and to save space, opt-out of installing the language packs you don't need.

    Install all the redistributables associated with MW3 and PlutoIW5.

    Note that Windows 7 isn't supported by Microsoft and therefore isn't supported by Pluto, expect to have to rely on yourself and community members to resolve issues as support will not be provided by Pluto.

    Lastly, the Plutonium launcher will stop responding very often on Windows 7 but this does not stop you from playing, do not try to interact with the launcher after pressing start unless you want it to fully crash.

  • Thanks dude, my fps before - 170-230, after 270-350(I5-7400, ASUS GTX 1060 6GB Overclocked)

  • @my-choppa-eat in commands or in console?

  • @my-choppa-eat I mean, can your monitor / tv even support more than 144Hz ? x)

  • I only get 30 fps

  • @Rosamaha Do I write these commands in the console or somewhere in the files?

  • @Rosamaha where do i have to paste it?

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