MW3 SP doesn't boot at all.

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  • I own a real copy of MW3. After putting the DLC files into the MW3 root folder, I can no longer open the SP version of MW3. Steam says it is launching, nothing happens, and then Steam goes back to as if I had no game open.

    I tried opening SP directly through the EXE, nothing happened.

    Windows Defender is totally disabled on my computer.

  • Verify the game through Steam.

  • @Xerxes
    Just verified integrity of game cache through Steam. This makes SP work and boot, however, I can not access the Chaos DLC.

  • Just putting the DLC files into the folder won't unlock the DLCs on the steam version and we won't help you to bypass this.

  • @RainOfPain125 Steam checks if you own DLC or not when you start it, you can't just put files in there and make it work like with an offline version.

    As said above what you ask is piracy and we don't help with this.

    If I'm correct Plutonium deletes steam_api.dll whenever you play Plutonium IW5 so if you don't want to repair your game every time you wanna play SP after playing Plutonium you could make a backup of the file somewhere on your PC and copy it back whenever you're gonna start SP or make a bat file do it for you

  • If you already own the game and torrent the DLC, and the DLC isn't supposed to work, then what is the point of downloading it?

    I assume if I torrent the full game, it would come with the SP DLC and work fine, yes?

    I'm not sure I understand. Not asking for piracy help, I'm, just wondering what the point of only downloading DLC is, if you cant use it.

  • @RainOfPain125 There's a big misunderstanding. Plutonium never said it was giving you the game or DLC files for free, nor that its goal is to provide things for free or support singleplayer?

    As a bonus/alternative download Plutonium gives you an option to get MW3 multiplayer files for free including DLC to play on Plutonium. The rest is not Plutonium's problem since it was never mentioned anywhere.

    Using DLC files on Steam is straight up piracy and requires tools that can get you VAC banned so obviously Plutonium will never use this and instead removes the Steam check from its games to ensure full control and no VAC ban

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