Need help with iw4m

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  • i started using yadb for server logs and now custom say name doesnt work. Its set to true in settings and is filled out, but doesnt display in the server. Anyone know why?

  • On last version if iw4m custom say name don't work, is normal. i have no name to but is not a big problems, iw4m admin develoepr probaly add this fatures in one of the next update

  • Pretty sure custom say name doesn't work on T6. @Raidmax can you verify?

  • To clear things up, I made a change to only support custom say name if the client supports it. T6 as of now doesn't support it.
    Previously the custom say name would be something like "console: saynamehere: message".
    This was unintended and the change will not append the custom say name if the game client doesn't support sv_sayName

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