[BUG] no power ups/drops on zombies maps

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  • I own 4 servers, and play multiple other servers, and it seems like after this plutonium update, that if a game on a dedicated server starts solo in zombies or the player count in the game goes down to 1, the power ups stop spawning around round 20, at first I thought it was just my servers so I joined others, and got the same result. If this could be fixed in a future update, it would be very much appreciated. Also, a minor bug: is sometimes the round change sound, box moving to another location sound, and interacting with something (like the hells retriever in mob of the dead) sound is sometimes delayed, So if that could also be fixed in a future update, that'd be great!

    Thank you for taking the time to read!

  • Same issue here very annoying indeed.

  • Still having this same issue 03/16

  • i was playing with my friends on buried and when someone had 7 perks from the witches and we took an another perk bottle power ups stoped spawning and on mob when i went alone to pap and my friends where on cafeteria training when i killed brutus and got a double points drop after that it also stoped spawning power ups

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