What network ports need to be open for NAT: OPEN

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  • Currently the game (BO2) says my NAT type is Moderate. What ports do I need to port forward to change it to Open? I do not use UPnP and won't. I do all of my port forwards manually. I am well versed in setting up port forwards so I only need the port numbers and protocol (UDP / TCP).

    Hopefully I can get a list of UDP & TCP ports needed for all games in Plutonium. Thanks

  • @Dss0 Hi and thanks.

    I actually did port forward 4976 and also 4977 however it still says my NAT type is Moderate in Blops 2. I have no problem joining lobbies and I do not host a server so maybe it is no big deal? I am assuming if it works like Steam I will be unable to host a lobby though.

    I did already have all these games port forwarded in my pfSense router as I used to play them on Steam until the hackers took over. Through Steam all of these games were Open NAT. Not sure why adding the above ports to my forwards didn't work.

    By the way, I've only been using Plutonium a couple of days and it is nice not seeing any hackers yet. I still play BO3 on Steam but in the past year the hackers have more or less taken over. Love the game but not much fun against hackers. Really mad they still sell the game but don't support it and they no longer ban people. Glad you all will ban the hackers here and offer a place for people to play without hackers! Thanks

  • @AoW-Maximus yea doesn't matter, if you got that port forwarded people on your friends list will be able to join your private match. You don't need to forward any ports to join public servers.

  • my network yooz work by coins

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