Teleporting and Game Freezing on IW5

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  • So I have been playing IW5 MW3 alot recently and I have had to deal with my game freezing, rubber-banding, and teleporting. Whenever I check my ping while this is happening its always at 30 or 40 so I dont know if its a ping spike but it shouldn't be that bad. It's not my frames as I have a PC that can easily run this game. I've tried multiple FPS cap options and none of them have made a difference, I've tried ping and wifi related commands like "/cl_packetdup 5" and nothing has helped. My PC Drivers and NVIDIA Drivers are always updated. MW3 IW5 seems to be the only game where this stuff happens to me. One second the game is running smoothly like normal, then a freeze or something happens and then it goes back to normal. I'm just wondering if you have a solution. It makes the game unplayable.

  • Try resetting your CFG file in the players2 folder, you may have changed a value in the console that is causing the issue.

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