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  • I keep getting connection interrupted during a match and it's getting old, I am using wifi but my connection is 106down / 96up. I've had no issues with any other games. Rust doesn't lag on steam so it has to do with something on plutoniums end. What can I do to fix this ?

  • It could the community server you're playing on and a lot of servers in the US sucks anyway.
    Try this: create a server yourself (like creating a custom game) and if issue is still happening I think something is happening on your end not plutonium.

  • Same problem,today,yesterday also ,idk what is happening but on some servers we can't play,is not only my side problem but for other players also.Ping is fine ,it is just that sometimes we are getting connection interupted and everyone dead....

  • @TwitchSIE same here, let me know if you find any sort of useful info. Cant play on any server without getting connection interrupted while at 30 ping with every other game working just fine.

  • Is your FPS uncapped? That's known to cause this, try capping your FPS below 200 with the com_maxfps dvar.

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