Game crash on startup

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  • Hi there. So I recently installed Plutonium and went to launch it (there were a few errors while installing but running the installer again seemed fine) when i go to launch zm/mp i hear the main menu music for that .exe and then the screen goes black and the music stops. i then hear the windows error message and the in-game mouse cursor appears again and so does the music, shortly after the game closes. Below is a capture i was able to take when launching my game once. I don't know if it would help any. jynxtbh#1999 on the Discord if you would like a sharescreen of how it happens

    Screen res: 800x600 fullscreen (i dont know how to change that)Error screenshot

  • same error, any solution?????????

  • Look in the file that tells you where it was saved and what error it shows you

  • Re-run Piry.exe and try again. If the error persists try a reboot and try again. If the issue still persists it's most likely another piece of software interfering with the game these can include but are not limited to the following:
    -FPS overlays
    -Recording software
    -Antivirus software

  • @jynxtbh I tried changing graphics settings to max like an idiot and game crahsed, now crashing on startup just like you.

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