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  • So i downloaded the new update, install it, try launch the game and Mccaffe is screaming at me saying theres a virus. I put the piry.exe file in virus scanner and its saying there 1 flag, after i put the tr6.exe files in the scanner and its saying 16flags for them. Whats happening?? anyone else having the same issue? wasnt there before the update so its getting me worried

  • First remove McAfee, that's the main problem. There is no virus, it's a false positive.

  • @homura said in Virus??:

    First remove McAfee, that's the main problem. There is no virus, it's a false positive.

    Lets not suggest for people to remove their entire Antivirus...

    @Rikimon19 McAfee is considered pretty bad, unless you paid for it, I would really suggest you go with another provider such as Kaspersky. (Do your own research)

    If you don't want to do that, but still want to play, you need to 'add an exclusion' to McAfee so it ignores the BO2 game folder.It's also known as whitelisting.

    If you're simply looking for an explanation - the game does alot of things that malware would do too, such as update itself, make connections to our backend, looks IP addresses for servers, modifies memory etc - plus the files are classed as 'new' since we compiled them recently.

    The result is false positive reports, it's one of the reasons most antivirus products have a 'exclude a file or folder' option.

  • @Mr-Android well, true.

    I would go with Android's suggestion, Kaspersky is very good.

  • or use windows defender like me

  • Note: With IW4x, not even adding an exception madd McAfee shut up, might be the same behaviour here.

  • From personal experience McAfee is bad. It's now included with bloatware on most new computers (this speaks volumes....) I suggest to use windows defender instead. It's native, doesn't bother you with popups or demands for money etc.

  • thank you very much for all your replys and explanations. I do use McAfee because i got a free pre-paid subscription for 3 years when i bought a new PC. good to know its not an actual virus. just wanted to make sure because it seemed strange at first. the first month i had plutonium it didnt have an issue with my antivirus. its only after about a month i started having problems

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