MW3 Map Rotation in Private Matches

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  • Hello,

    Does anyone know why does my MW3 kicks me out to the main menu after finishing a private match, solo or with friends, win or lose, it just keeps reverting to main menu.

    This occurs whether I have map rotation enabled or disabled, with intermission or none. It's just frustrating to always re-host the private match every single time.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • @makarov1992 I think it's just how it is.
    Btw I don't see where you saw a map rotation option?

    In case you didn't know when you go in game options you can click on Save recipe at the bottom to load it easily next time.

    Alternatively you could host a private or LAN dedicated server on your PC to have even more configuration like a random map and gamemode rotation from a list you define while being able to change map and game mode with in-game commands at any time

  • @Resxt

    Really? That's quite a hassle to always set-up the private match again and again. Here's a screenshot of where the Map Rotation rotation.jpg (bottom of the screen)

    Regardless of which maps I pick, DLC or not, the game just reverts main menu. And yes, I am aware of the Save Recipe feature but, this gets erased after finishing a Private Match.

    Or unless, is there a way I can enable map rotation via in-game commands? with Intermission? Since the Intermission feature also does not work.


  • @makarov1992 no idea about map rotation/intermission, it might be a missing feature.
    You'll have to wait for another staff to answer.

    For the recipe if you save using "Save recipe" it saves to your disk. Go to game configuration and this is the first screen. Then you can close your game and load it from disk

  • @Resxt Ahh, alright... hopefully this feature will be fixed. Thanks!

    Noted on the 'Save Recipe' features.

  • @Resxt, this is a very ussefull feature, but it's not hidden at all. Must be very difficult to solve, because it spend a lot of time and still without be resolved. That's only happend in private matchs, regardless you are playing with the official steam server mw3 or another one, I'd been tested and always is the same, the game crash when you push at the summary match button of the match.

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