MW3 All servers empty

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  • So I just downloaded the game and everything is working fine, but when I try to find servers they are all empty. But, when they first start filtering in I can see a few servers that are populated, but then they quickly go from, let's say, 12 players to 0 players. I have to quickly choose the server before this happens. I was able to do this and get into the game a few times so it is not my internet connection. Any help?

  • How many servers do you see in total?
    I see 113 servers with 67 players atm.
    Only one tdm server tho, rest is trickshot/sniping. There will be more players later, currently noon in the eu and most ppl are at work/school.

  • Bro, I get in today 18th August and I see just eight players online! :0

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