[MOD TOOLS] 2020 Mod Tools Request

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  • Hello everyone. I was looking into creating a custom map in WAW. I was all set to download the mod tools from UGX when I stumbled on this recently made custom map called Berlin Hotel. In the map description map creator, Ginger Boi mentions using the "2020 Mod Tools by Vertasea & Yaf3li". I've searched UGX, Modme archive, and here but can't find any mention of them. Does anyone know where to find these or if they are publicly available?

  • @giandeli the tools you are talking about I haven't heard of before, the only noj treyarch mod tools I've heard of is a toolf for creating and editing weapons stats.

    Basic mod tools are released by treyarch.

  • It seems like these are a modified version of the mod tools created by Vertasea & Yaf3li. From the map description: "This is also my first map to be released on the 2020 Modtools developed by Vertasea and YaF3li, who’ve spent the last two years tweaking World at War’s tools to be the best they can be."

  • @giandeli Hey there!

    The "2020" tools are in a sort of beta that's not open to public currently, but will be eventually. Essentially, they kinda "fixed" everything "wrong" with the game, making it a sort of hybrid between WaW zombies and bo1 in terms of mechanics. Anywho, they'll be released eventually, so just keep an eye out for em. In the mean time, if you're looking for help making a map that isn't a 7 year old video on youtube, lemme know!

  • @Ginger-Boi Thanks for the clarification. Also, Berlin Hotel is really fun! Good job!

  • @Ginger-Boi Any place specific to keep a look out on or just the forms here?

  • @draftdodger Heya! We haven't actually thought that much about where we would announce and publish the tools. But if it's allowed, I think we will make a post on here in the WaW Modding Releases board.

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