Black ops 2 crash on startup

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  • I've installed plutonium for the first time today, and have been having constant issues of the game closing on startup. I've managed to get Zombies to load once when I do a fresh install, and after that It will not get past the "splash" and the console opening, then closing along with the splash. Multiplayer has not worked once, though i have managed to play a single game with a friend on zombies. I've tried loading as admin, loading in compatibility mode, closing most non-essential background programs and installing and fixing the installs of all the Redistributables. Am i missing something? 83b37cf2-f4eb-4747-ac71-c258dc77cc9c-image.png

  • if you have afterburner, rivatuner, or an antivirus running it can mess with it starting, i know this because i had this problem myself. Add t6rmp and t6rzm to your antivirus exceptions and make sure you dont have any gpu monitoring software hooking into t6.

  • I've checked all these, disabled my antivirus, firewall, added them to the exceptions, and i don't have rivatuner/afterburner installed. Still not working.

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