BO2 Zombies Keeps Crashing Mid Game

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  • Every time I play BO2 Zombies, whether I host a game or I play with my friends, it always crashes mid-game (maybe around Round 6-11). First, my game freezes and after 2-3 seconds my game goes to black. My friends who are in the game are perfectly fine, but I can't alt-tab back into Plutonium to play the game. Can anyone help?

  • Same map? Any crash dumps you can provide?
    Some more extra info such as maps, any mods, texture changes?

  • What antivirus do you use? Does it say anything in the windows event viewer? Also try writing vid_restart into the bootstrapper once that happens and see if you can get into the game again.

  • @HannesC Okay I was waiting for it to happen again and when I tried entering vid_restart nothing happened. I still can't alt-tab back into the game but I can still hear the audio from the game. My friends in the game are still playing and I'm the only one that can't get back into the game.

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