Black or frozen screen at startup with music

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  • After setting up the game (through dedicated server on steam) I launch it on Plutonium, everything starts, can hear background music but the screen is black, or after tabbing out and in I get an image of the menu but nothing moves yet I can hear the mouse passing over the menu buttons but no visual feedback, either a black screen or a frozen image.


    Make sure your game is closed before doing that.
    Go to where your Modern Warfare 3 is installed and go in the players2 folder.
    Then open plutonium.cfg with the notepad to edit it.
    Find r_displayMode and change it to be like this (you can use ctrl+f to search for it):
    seta r_displayMode "windowed (no border)"

  • @Resxt It got solved after setting fullscreen and borderless back and forth a couple times, thank you!

  • hi, i've got the same problem. i have a 2560x1080 monitor and i can make the game work only in 720p windowed mode (with border). My GPU is fine, my drivers are fine.
    1920 doesn't want to work..

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