using zombies ++ on my server gives script error when starting server.

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  • i asked cahz but he said to me "If you cant figure out how to fix this, you don't need to be editing gsc files." so i might as well ask the community.

    the bo2 console give me this.
    **** 2 script error(s):
    **** Unresolved external : "debugbuttonmonitor" with 0 parameters in "maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studio.gsc" at line 1 ****
    **** Too many parameters: "vibrate" with 6 parameters in "maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studio.gsc
    here is the script before i compiled it, it seems that i just combine all 5 of the gsc files into one and compile it and thats what i did.

    Here is the script

  • Idk for the debugbuttonmonitor function, but for vibrate obviously write parameters like this (point instead of comas for real numbers) :

     machine[ i ] vibrate( vectorScale( ( 0, -1, 0 ), 100 ), 0.3, 0.4, 3 );
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