Mouse cursor wont work/display

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  • Hey guys, so I'm having a bit of trouble here, but whenever I load up Plutonium, it won't show my mouse cursor. I've googled everything and went deep down to the forums, but nothing was found. I don't have the controller connected. I uninstalled, got rid of all the plutonium data, and reinstalled it, and it still didn't work. I uninstalled any antivirus that wasn't allowing my game to be played. I deleted the local data file about 5 times now, trying everything I could. If anyone can help, feel free to reach out or just reply to this, but I do appreciate anyone that can help. Thanks:))

    heres the video >>>>>>>

  • able to provide any screenshots?
    anything that would make helping a bit easier

  • I edited the post and provided a video

  • Do you have avermedia/elgato or any similar softwares installed? Have any VR connected? Or any overlays? Try quitting all unnecessary apps in the background and running the game again.

  • @HannesC haha yk what I did I deleted any overlay that I didn't need to use and it worked haha. I feel so stupid right now. Thanks for all of the support. All I did was delete Nividia broadcast.

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