Changing language files to japanese

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  • So..
    I won't go into detail on how I acquired these files but I came across these japanese mw3 language files and thought it would be fun to change my game language to japanese.
    However, when I try to change my game language the text is not showing correctly.
    Plutonium Screenshot 2022.03.21 -
    This text is not only showing like this in the main menu but in game as well. It's either weird symbols or the text is simply not showing.

    You might jump to the conclusion that the files are corrupted but I actually got them working on Steam so I don't think that's it.
    I've tried multiple stuff; using the english localization file, changing the text inside of that localization file back and forth from english to japanese etc. I've tried renaming the files. A lot of these things I tried gave me errors which made me not even able to open the game. But the thing I did to have the game atleast open for me is to just drag and drop the japanese language files, and replacing the localization.txt file to the japanese one.

    My personal conclusion is that it's a client-based problem with plutonium. It's like when you try to view certain characters in windows or whatever when they're not supported. There's no problem changing the game language to other languages. Perhaps this doesn't work because it's not a supported language in Steam in the EU and NA region. Although, russian isn't either but that works apparently.

    If it's actually true that it's a plutonium error thing it would be awesome if we got japanese characters supported. It's just another way enabling us to modify the game even more which is a fun hobby to must of us. If it's a problem with my client, then please help me 😄

  • I got a guy trying this on his PC and this is the result he got.
    alt text
    You can somewhat see the characters but it's still pretty scuffed.

  • I got it confirmed that's it's an issue with plutonium. I guess I won't delete the thread as a confirmation for others searching for a solution.

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  • did you manage to put the game in japanese?

  • Bro, post the japanese files please

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  • Only works on Steam MW3 or Tekno (Which are dead and no longer viewed upon as good).

    It'd be a cool edition though.

    If people want to get the Japanese Files, check Steam Guides for the game and look up japanese and it should be the first one.

  • @Scottie There’s no tutorial or any guide on how to get the files.

  • Wouldn't doubt this comment will get deleted by a mod. But.
    Here's the Guide Link.

  • @feel i think it may be the plutonium as u said, japanese characters are too difficult to write in the game, as same as these files, changing it in a mod like plutonium probaly would get some errors, it doesnt happen with bo2 because its a different way to install, u install bo2 without needing steam to do that, maybe the problem is happening because mw3 had to be install from steam, and some archives can conflict with each other, so keep it in mind and try to talk with some plutonium dev and he should be answering ur questions

    (sorry for the long text)

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