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  • Is there any way i can play MW3 without that file? I cant move the file or anything since i dont have admin rights

  • Nah, that file is needed.
    Thankfully you can't move that file otherwise you would give your PC cancer as dlls are never supposed to be downloaded from random sites. That dll is part of directx9 which you should install instead.

  • @Xerxes Thing is i cant install Directx since i dont have admin, also a friend of mine doesnt have D3DCompiler_43 either but he can run the game

  • @Xiphs D3DCompiler_43.dll is not placed in your game files, it's a Direct X dll that's placed in a system folder so that's why he don't see it. He can play because he has Direct X installed.
    The only solution to your issue is to install Direct X.
    If you don't have admin rights ask your parents, Direct X is a very old and reputed/safe software from Microsoft

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