[HELP WANTED] (PROJECT TETRADE) Map pack in the making, people needed.

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  • ❤ Good day Lovely people of Plutonium! ❤

    I'm currently planning out a map pack for waw zombies (Includes 4 maps) and I'm looking for people who wanna work together.
    right now al it is is just coming up with ideas together and planning it out but if you wanna work together on creating the maps when the plans are done, the help is welcome.

    For the people who wanna help or are just interested in the project you can join the discord server for more information;

    Also for the people who are hyped for Pluto T5 (BO1);

    The Map Pack will be ported to T5 (BO1) when they are done,
    Also to T6 (BO2) when Mod Tools are available,
    And to T7 (BO3) when I get a better pc!

    Mappack & Map names (Not all names are final)

    • || Tetrade der Untoten - (Map Pack Name)

    • || Sen'in no keikoku - (Nacht der Untoten)

    • || Wahnsinn - (Verrückt)

    • || Kyōki no kyūchi - (Shi no Numa)

    • || Gerissen - (Der Riese)

    Small description
    The plan is to do the following for each map

    • Add a full easter egg with rewards.
      The plan is to make a full easter egg for all maps and maybe even add some small ones.

    • Add some new areas to explore.
      The plan is big area's to expand on the map, (Planned for Der Riese)
      or a full map revamp like I have planned for Tag der Untoten.

    • Rebalancing the base weapons.
      Make them a bit more viable so you'll be able to enjoy the maps with all weapons!

    • New base weapons.
      I'll be adding all campaign and mp weapons + some new ones!

    • Add new perks to all maps and pack a punch.
      (Tag might have pap but I'm not sure)

    • Adding new Wunder Weapons.
      Some Wunder Weapons will return and even some brand new ones will be added!

    • Wunder Weapon adjustments.
      For example giving the ray gun a big buff and adjusting the waffe and new Wunder Weapons to fit correctly.

    How to apply?
    Just comment on this post, tell me something about yourself.
    leaving your discord username for contacting purposes.

    You can also apply in the designated channel in the Discord sever when the channel is made.

    What are these 4 maps?

    I'm planning on remastering the 4 original waw maps,
    I wanna keep it waw style (weapons and settings) but there is still room for creativity. all ideas are welcome! 🙂

    What skills do I need?

    For the ideas none just a tiny bit of creativity but we all have that!

    For creating the map a tiny bit of scripting knowledge but not that much since I won't be adding to much crazy stuff, the biggest part of the creation will be the mapping so mapping skills will be useful. I will be learning mapping myself so if you don't have any mapping skills then that is a okay!
    at last texturing skills could be useful, we probably won't need that many custom textures and the ones we need I'll be able to help with or fully provide myself.

    Is there any payment?

    In money, no.
    This is just a fun project I wanted to do so I won't be offering payment in money.
    I will bring favors in return for the help that you provide.

  • unfortunately i wont be able to help but if these reworks are released ill fuckin download waw and play em until my keyboard is no longer on this plane of existence, good luck

  • @kyemel_person well I'm glad to see there is already excitement even tho I haven't showed my ideas yet. 🙂

  • Sounds fun:
    I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  • @player7494028
    thank you! I can ensure you it is fun for sure.
    I'll soon be starting on the first map. I'll make a update and a nice video when I've made some actual progress. 🙂

  • Hello @Tentha.

    Over at GilletteClan we are doing the exact same thing but for CoD4 then porting it over to MW2 & MW3. Currently we have a complete remaster of Rust coming out in the next few days. We also have Hardhat, Pipeline and Grind coming too. We're making a DLC pack for our infected servers, its pretty cool.

    If you ever wanted to chill in voice chats with us we normally work on them daily, at the same time we can give you some ideas on zombie maps. Personally I am a massive zombie fan and I can already some up with a thousand ideas.

    At the same time if you're ever interested we could host your maps on a T4 & T5 server but we can talk about that at a later date.

    If you wanted to see what we're up too add me on Discord: Stix#0001

    Im very excited to see what you come up with!

  • @Lil-Stick ay great to hear people are still so active on the mw games, one of the best games for mp in my opinion.

    also great to hear you guys are also working on a dlc pack, I am very intrigued in what you guys are creating.

  • I have added you on Discord from your profile, hope that's okay with you. 🙂

  • @YaF3li yea I added you back!

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