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  • Hi this is some scripts i have made for high rounds players (wr etc)

    Every scripts u will see in this topic are legit for WR rules, but i also add some scripts who has no legit in the second category !

    Legit :

    Buried / MOTD :
    High Rounds fix
    After round 155, the zombies life are stuck, so you can kill at 156+ with trap / equipements in buried !

    Buried / Tranzit / Die Rise :
    Bank & Fridge :
    You have your bank full everytimes you load this script, and there in a AN-94 Upgraded in the fridge everytimes you load the script too.

    Buried / Tranzit / Die Rise :
    Misty Only :
    The hands of your character was Misty everytimes (Do not use this script for other maps, it will not show your hands)

    Every Maps :
    SPH 50+ :
    This is not my script, i credit 5and5 for made it, i just extract it from his Remix Mod and fix some things in !
    It show your SPH by round 50+
    (Very very usefull for being good at zombie)
    Crédit :
    The sph is how many seconds you take for killing a whole hordes (24 zombies)
    For the exemple if you kill like 24 zombies in 7 Secondes like in the camp on die rise, u have 7 SPH

    Every Maps :
    Visual and Moves fix (legit)
    The best optimisation you can have for playing zombie.
    This is the second version with 120 FPS (if you want better optimisation with paralyzer on buried, and better straf jump on die rise use the 60 FPS script)

    Timer & Timer Round :
    ba1f55b7-ea0a-4118-b3ec-3fbfe12de1c0-image.png 807bc57e-a9c1-4fc9-99be-8be740961685-image.png
    Show your actual game timer and the round timer
    Very usefull too.

    Die Rise :
    Trample Steam Count
    c7b77563-55ec-4d9b-aab8-b50d02655783-image.png 3d069496-909d-4a11-b765-1c5fca3569ee-image.png 645df668-5634-445f-94f3-fa304d120864-image.png
    When u take a new trample, it count the number.. (its useless but cool 🙂 )

    Buried :
    Equipements count
    Same has die rise, that count the number of equipements you take in the map
    (EXTREMELY Usefull) cuz the error is the 1300~ Turbines, so u didnt have to count yourself the number of turbines you use.
    Subwoofers is usefull too for counting the actual number of sub u used with the actual turbine and spring is like die rise, useless but cool.


    Zombie count & Mod Menu for Practicing etc :
    Remaining tell you the number of zombies before the rounds end
    And mod menu is a mod menu x) (but the best mod menu you can find for zombie (only work on private server) :))

    I hope u like it !

    Spécial thanks to :
    2 Millimeter Nahkampfwächter

    For helping me alot !
    You can find all of these guys in the plutonium discord server in BO2 Modding category 🙂

    DL :

    For plutonium do : WIN + R -> %localappdata% -> Plutonium -> Storage -> t6 -> scripts -> zm -> and drop the scripts in this folder !

    For redacted its lil bit easier :
    Just drop in this folder

    BTW ! If you didnt see like scripts, zm etc, just create it !

    if you have any problem, please let me know !

  • BTW !
    Lil tips to use better the mod menu
    Go in interact and do this :

    First is Left arrow
    2 : Up arrow
    3 : Down Arrow
    4 : Right Arrow

    So u just need to cut + aim to open the menu and use the arrow to use it, its very very usefull 🙂

  • Great job my brother! Excuse me, one question, do you have Discord?

  • @Sterke-ziel naomi_ on plutonium discord 🙂

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