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  • Hello, it's been about 4 months since my "PasSirOy" account has been banned for 364,609 days. When the account was banned I asked on the discord server, why was I banned, I was told that I was banned for no reason. So I created a second account nicknamed "SirOy" to see if this was due to a bug. I started the game and got banned instantly. So I asked the discord staff to unban me and they said "no". So I'm here to find out why I was banned and if it would be possible to unban me to be able to play this game again.
    Thank you.

  • @SirOy
    Probably for trying to edit memory so inject cheats.

    "When the account was banned I asked on the discord server, why was I banned, I was told that I was banned for no reason." i dubt this is true, plutonium have the log of all bans so for each bans there is a reason.

    "So I created a second account nicknamed "SirOy" " this is called ban evasion, when you get banned it says to don't try to evade the ban or the ban will increase.

  • If necessary I can show screens of my plutonium files. To clarify, I have already been told that I was cheating when the players opposite were less good at the game, maybe one of these people had to report me for cheating when I was better, this had to get me a ban. I have a lot of hours of play on call of duty so people often say that I cheat. I have recordings of my games in my hard drives, I often record what I do on call of duty. If necessary I can show you the recordings to show that I am not cheating. If I would have been banned for having a second account, I would be surprised if I got banned for 364,609 days, that's a lot for creating a simple account 😕

  • @SirOy

    1. Reports of servers are unrelated to plutonium bans
    2. Recording of good plays can't prove anything. Only plutonium staff have the log with the resoult of your bans
    3. First ban is 7 days, second ban is +7 days to the old one and the third one is permanent. (So you did 3 times something able to make you ban for that long)
    4. Seeing any of your files will not help your case
  • @SirOy you got banned 4months ago on your main but you joined 12 days ago on this account on your profile. you waited 11 days to ask for unban?
    sorry somethings not adding up

  • I waited because after that I didn't want to play anymore

  • @Sorex
    I didn't do anything, and you also don't know why I was banned. So why not unban me? You don't want to watch my clips that I don't cheat or watch my files. If I would have shown you my files and my clips all this would have shown that I am not cheating and that I am legit.

  • @SirOy If you think showing your game files proves anything you either think we're stupid or you have no clue how this works.
    Sorex is just a donator he cannot unban you anyways.

    Accounts are banned when the anticheat detects modification in the game's memory, when you use a software to mess with the game.
    Being banned for so long means it's not your first time doing it and you didn't learn the lesson

  • @Resxt I never said you were stupid, I just don't feel like I'm being helped. I don't think recording a game with streamlabs would get me banned. I can't learn a lesson from anything if I haven't done anything. The anti cheat banned me but had no reason to do that, even a mod from discord told me that I was banned for no reason, so I'm banned for nothing. Sorry in advance for Sorex, I hadn't seen that it was only a donor.

  • @SirOy "even a mod from discord told me that I was banned for no reason" can you prove it?

    Someone is lying also the situation will not change, there nothing you can do to get unbanned. The anticheat is well made and don't get actived for nothing

  • @Sorex I didn't screen the mod's response because it was from a while ago. I don't manage the anti cheat, it's up to the plutonium staff or the developer to know how to manage it. Of course I can't prove anything if they don't let me show anything. I am not the only one to have been banned for no reason, I have already seen people complaining about having had the same ban as me, even they were not helped by the moderators because the moderators took them for cheaters all because of the anti cheat that banned for no reason. I especially have the impression that the moderators just don't want to deban me and that they think I'm cheating. I'm not the only one to be full of this kind of ban, no moderators are looking into the subject. I think I have nothing to prove, if I would cheat, I don't think I would force like a retard to get debanned. A cheater would simply create huge accounts on other computers to cheat.

  • @Sorex Generic pc user said last night at 6:02 p.m.
    "well no account appears in the ac logs"
    Capture d’écran 2022-03-26 130411.jpg

  • What was your original account's name?

    if I would cheat, I don't think I would force like a retard to get debanned. A cheater would simply create huge accounts on other computers to cheat.

    But that's all you people do though. Also fail miserably when the latter doesn't work for you so you come malding about it in here. This account isn't in the logs because this is an alt - your OG account (not PaSorOy either, that's another alt) is in there though.

  • @HannesC The account I was playing with is "PasSirOy"

  • That's another alt of yours, so no. I'm giving you the opportunity to let you know what caused your bans and when they were caused, and if you aren't giving your main account's name in the next reply I'm just gonna close this thread linking the AC policy and trash any further posts from you. Your choice. Either way, we don't lose anything since the AC doesn't just ban anyone falsely - even if it does, we can tell the false positives (if any) from the real ones since they have a pattern associated to it. You cheated, end of story.

  • @HannesC I'm not lying my main account is "PasSirOy" if necessary I have a screenshot to show you, I even have clips of me playing with this account. I am legit. You don't believe me because you haven't seen me once play this game live. This base on an Anti cheat is useless, an anti cheat can always be wrong. So it's either you watch my clips to see that I'm legit or every person who has this problem will never be helped because of your anti cheat and will criticize your game.

  • @HannesC like I said I'm not the only one who got this 364,000 day ban for no reason. look the video, it was me playing, you can see that my nickname is "PasSirOy"

  • @HannesC Please, I liked playing plutonium, I would like to play it again. I never cheat I promise you.

  • @HannesC I have countless hours of play on call of duty. So why would I cheat knowing I'm good at the game?

  • @HannesC I think all of this can help you think, right? I find it stupid to say that someone cheats without having seen a single gameplay from him. I think I've given you enough information to be able to unban me. Of course if you still think I'm cheating I'll show yet more proof of why I'm legit. It's quite naive to believe an anti cheat when any defect can banish a person who has done nothing and who is legit, isn't it? Sincerely, SirOy

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