Problem playing zombie with friend

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  • Hi,
    I follow the entire guide to play with friends but my friend can't connect to me. We have both the UPnP enabled and I have also done the port forwarding. I am the host and when my friend tries to connect, a message "joining game session" appears but then nothing.
    Does anyone have some suggestions?

  • @4C3-SH4I2K post a screenshot of your port forwarding settings. Also have you started the match before letting him connect?

  • I have tried with two different connections but the problem is the same. This is the screenshot: port forwarding eolo en.PNG

    We have tried in two different ways, first setting 2 as minumum players so I have to wait my friend in the loading page before the game starts but he can't join in the game. The second time I start the game with min player equal to one and when I am in the match he tries to connect but nothing as before.
    I tried to disabled also the firewall but the same result

  • I have the same problem as you i tried opening the ports as you did and nothing its said joining game session the whole game...

  • @4C3-SH4I2K did he also try connecting using your wan ip and the console? Go here and give him the ip it shows you:

    Then he has to type

    connect ip

    into the ingame console (can be opened with the tilde key, ^ or ~ in case you didn't know) and hit enter. Obv replace "ip" with the ip you see on whatsmyip.

  • Yes he tried also in this way with connect ip:4976 but the result was the same.

    We have resolved using Hamachi and he joins in the game using the command connect to the ip provided by Hamachi

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