How do I change the difficulty on co-op campaign?

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  • On World at War, I'd like to change the difficulty to veteran. I've tried using the command "difficulty hard", but it doesn't appear to do anything

  • I have been trying to figure that out for about a week now as well. I've tried literally every possibility and have come to the conclusion it's not an option. Perhaps it could be added to the coop config file?

  • As far as I know, the difficulty commands are:

  • @YaF3li I've noticed that those commands don't actually change the difficulty of the server not even your own difficulty on the server. They seem to sometimes change what the currentdifficulty command says but it never actually does anything you can still eat far more bullets than on actual Veteran and the grenade spam is near non existent. It seems like it should be a really simple addition to the config files though right? I don't have any actual knowledge on how that works but with all the other things that are changeable in there to not have difficulty, death cards and competitive mode in there seems bizarre to me since they were literally just toggleable on and off in normal coop hosting through the game. Couldn't they be set to a simple binary 1 and 0 system for enabling and disabling them in the T4 Config Files? Anyway any comments from staff would be greatly appreciated.

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