Fps instability

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  • I've been testing the game with MSI Afterburner, and the game only takes up 50% of my graphics at full throttle above 80fps but when there are explosions or I use the game menu, the CPU goes up to 90% giving a sharp drop in fps. when there are many soldiers shooting, the CPU rises, but the graphics remain stable at between 40% and 50% usage. This did not happen to me in tekno, everything was running above 100fps and the CPU did not go to 50%. I tried the latest version of MW3 and it's also stable, plutonium doesn't manage game resources well. Even if I download all the graphics, the performance is the same. although I limit the fps to 60 for stability it does not help too much. nothing changes configuring graphics.

    I have everything updated. I have followed the help of https://plutonium.pw/docs/low-fps/ https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/607/why-am-i-getting-10-fps
    but i have seen that in general plutoniun doesn't work well on laptops from 10 years ago. The game does run on dedicated graphics and doesn't use the integrated CPU for rendering, I've seen the power plan and everything. I realized that plutonium is not well polished. I know that they will not make changes to their client because we are a small percentage of that bug that the game has.

    Hardware and O.S.:
    intel i5 3210M
    8GB Ram DDR3 1666Mhz
    Radeon HD7670M 1GB GDRR3
    480GB SSD
    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x64 updated to date.

  • @Darck75 your pc is just terrible, i do not know why your complaining your gpu has 1gb gddr3 obviously it will not run well, and that cpu is ancient, upgrade your build.

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    Although the game has had updates over the years (Steam Version) and the requirements have changed to demand a little more. I'm still within the requirements of the game, what's more, I'm over it, plutonium alone doesn't work for me.

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