Can someone help explain to me (and others like me) the hate/banning of the Millimeter Scanner and EMP grenades in certain BO2 servers?

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  • I've been playing Plutonium for a couple of months now, BO2 as a whole for over several years, most of that time spent on 360 version, and every now and then I've come across players who bash MMS and people who use it, one person even equating it to 'wallhacks'. I recently tried playing on a server with a class that had it on my AN and found out it was banned from use. Similarly, EMP grenades would also be banned on other servers, though I never heard any complaints about them, as far as I know. I've rarely, if ever, found the MMS used, let alone as a part of the meta on 360. So, I was rather surprised to find it with a good bit of hate on here, despite, through my experience in OG BO2, it being a rare sight in matches, let alone, in the hands of really experienced players.

    I don't really have any hate for both things, matter of fact, I found MMS to be pretty fun to use for its primary ability to spot stationary players, especially campers, through walls and get the jump on them, as well as its reduced ADS zoom, making it noticeably easy, at least for me, to aim around with a zoom level comparable to the pistols'. As for EMP grenades, I find them very useful for clearing equipment to make pushes easier against more passive players. Though I understand the frustration when it comes to EMP spam, I've always found them to be rather rare. And when the problem ever arises, I've always figured Hard Wired would render them almost completely useless, making the perk have more of an actual use outside of Hardcore.

    With that being said, I was wondering if I, and many others who might be out of the loop here, could get a proper explanation as to why these two things, specifically MMS, are often banned from use in servers. Is there perhaps an exploit that makes the MMS much more powerful than I'm aware of? Or is it simply due to a more subjective take on it, similar to how the hate for the Target Finder developed, as it's notorious for being seen as a crutch.

    I apologize if this is very lengthy. This is my first post, and I can't remember the last time I've ever interacted in forums as I kind of keep to myself and wanted to make a post since I was really curious about it. I tried looking around, but couldn't really find anything, so... yeah. lol

  • I can't talk for other server owners but I restricted it on my server because:

    • on PC its nearly exclusively used by cheater use it to hide their ESP
    • the scan effect is not synchronized across clients, making the point above much easier
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