Stutter and frame drops

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  • I checked the main page about low fps and tried all the solutions, nothing fixed it. My steam version runs fine, and I even tried to verify game files on steam, nothing has worked.
    I made two YouTube videos to show that the Steam version runs fine, and then plutonium doesn't.
    Steam Version
    Plutonium Version

  • @phertilizer try switching your screen. As in windowed, full screen, and windowed (full screen). Just recycle to what you like. I get low frames on a high gpu so when I do this it fixes it.

  • I have the exact same issue, both in multiplayer and zombies. The game runs smoothly at 60 fps then periodically the frames drop to unplayable for a couple of seconds, then it's back to normal, just like in OP's video.

    It happens with both high and low settings, changing window modes does nothing either. These periodic frame drops also happen in menus too, so it doesn't seem it's graphics related. And as said, the game runs fine for a minute or two, then chokes, then it's fine again.

    I also have Pluto WAW also installed and that game runs without any problems.

  • same man

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