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  • Every time I go into a server the lags, and I've tried everything I can to fix it. I turned my graphics down, Tries the bootstrapper client thing, restarted my computer, closed all background apps, updated my drivers, capped my FPS at 60, and placed high priority to the app on my task manager, but so far nothing has worked. I've tried going to multiplayer and Zombies but both have this exact issue and I don't think it's an issue with my PC because the specs are pretty good (1650 Super, Ryzen 5 3500 6 core, 16GB Ram, Windows 11). I know that the problem only occurs when I'm in a server because I played a solo zombies game, and there was no issues, and it's frustrating because in the past the game has worked perfectly, but now, no matter what I try, the server just lags out regardless of which one I join, or if I'm alone in the server.

  • @Hallo_Its_Kris Have you tried this?
    Another problem is that it just lag spikes when you looks into the areas of the map and when you look into the sky you get great fps. Try recycling your display in settings. Most of the time that works.

  • @WolflexZ Still didn't work, ;(
    I tried the fully reset settings on both monitors, but it still didn't work on either.

  • @Hallo_Its_Kris I meant in your in game settings. Recycle fullscreen, windowed, or windowed full screen back to what you like.

  • It worked! Thanks!

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