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  • Hey there! I'm working on another piece of my custom gsc anti-cheat (yes im serious..) and i kind of got stuck on how to check to see if players are using spinbot or not.

    	self endon( "disconnect" );
    	self endon( "game_ended" );
    		before = self.angles;
    		after = self.angles;
    		if(before < after + before)  return true;
    		return false;

    I know this code will not work. But basically it needs to check the difference of angles between every frame. If the difference is big enough, they are angle changing. The only problem is, there are many ways to angle change. How would i go about this? I hope someone can help. Thank you!

  • @Deicide u can't make a prefect working GSC anty cheat, because player can simulate spinbot with the mouse. The only way to see if they have hacks is with the game file, u need to see if hacker inject something on his client.

  • @Sorex is there a script for that or not yet

  • @Duui-YT said in Spinbot Detection...:

    @Sorex is there a script for that or not yet

    That isn't possible with gsc.

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