2nd monitor / Crashes When windowed on second monitor

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  • Hi, I've caught this Error/Bug in Black ops 2, What i did was play in windowed mode and play in a 2nd screen, it worked, But after closing it and reopen it, It keeps crashing with the error crash dump, Also in settings you cannot change which screen to display the game on, It stays only at 1

    [0_1649980784711_plutonium-r3043-t6zm-2022-04-15_02-57-27.txt](Uploading 100%)

  • @ftk789 can't see the screenshot, upload it to imgur instead. Also upload the crashdump to google drive and post the link here.

    What if you change which monitor it uses in the config file, it's located in %localappdata%/Plutonium/storage/t6/players. Open plutonium_mp or plutonium_zm.cfg with notepad and look for "r_monitor".

  • That fixed the issue, Thank you soo much, It seems like you can't set which monitor from BO2 settings, It's stuck at 1 only, So i have to change it in the file config you mentioned ❤ Thank you again

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