BO2 Origins not working

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  • When i press start game on origins it begins to start up then it kicks me back to the start game screen it says this in the console:
    Unloading fastfile ui_zm
    Unloading fastfile en_ui_zm
    Unloading fastfile patch_ui_zm
    Loading fastfile zm_tomb_patch
    Loading fastfile zm_tomb
    Loading fastfile en_zm_tomb
    Loading fastfile so_zclassic_zm_tomb
    Loading fastfile en_so_zclassic_zm_tomb
    server is changing maps, resetting stored team states...
    Custom script 'scripts/zm/ranked' loaded
    Executed 'scripts/zm/ranked::init'
    Unloading fastfile en_zm_tomb
    Unloading fastfile zm_tomb
    Unloading fastfile zm_tomb_patch
    Loading fastfile patch_ui_zm
    Loading fastfile en_ui_zm
    Loading fastfile ui_zm
    Parsing menu ui/t6/mainlobby.lua...
    Parsing menu ui/t6/partylobby.lua...
    Parsing menu ui/t6/menus/partyprivacypopup.lua...
    Parsing menu ui_mp/t6/menus/privategamelobby_project.lua...
    Parsing menu ui_mp/t6/menus/theaterlobby.lua...

  • @Sklorpi any error messages? Try repairing your game files

  • @Dss0 I have repaired the files and their is no error, still doesn't work

  • i am having the same issue i really want to play origins but it says the same thing and then puts me on bus depot anyone else having this problem

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