Banned From Discord For Incorrect Reason

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  • 1.) Yeah (my) bo2 being launched through plutonium and if I play for like a half hour it will crash. I understand your pain, and some of the plutonium staff just don't care about any "gamer" problems, which goes against everything. Some are genuinely passionate about making plutonium a smooth and more enjoyable experience.
    2.) I got banned and also a strike on the discord for confronting a minor issue. At least I didn't get banned from being able to access any in-game servers, but getting banned from the discord for giving my "gamers" opinion is really dumb. I guess some (staff) want to be a burden for growth on the plutonium platform. Not many are gonna stay on plutonium if people get silenced for addressing, probable fixable programming issues. It's really called good communication, because we're practically the game testers, aren't we? Like isn't it so obvious. Plutonium will have a bitter reputation if the game has too many simplistic solvable issues, and they're not resolved.
    3.) If anyone wanted to know the reason why I was blocked, I will provide screenshots of the servers chat that I was in. @PlutoBot sent me a message saying, "You received an infraction by Resxt for no sexual jokes and spreading bs. Consider this as a warning, further violations will lead to punishment." These are lies; [A] For one, I made no sexual comments whatsoever, and [B] second I didn't spread any bs, especially when what we we're talking about was an actual issue within plutonium's programming. The NPC who disregarded any issues pertaining to "{level stats resetting after each and every update}", said, and I quote, "Just deal with it.". Gamers will accrue hours over a period of time, and look forward to the work they put in. If their stats were saved after an update to plutonium, they don't have to worry about feeling they played all those hours for nothing. I did say comments that I felt we're reasonable to address, maybe in a manner that some view as assertive. But. How does one feel when certain prolonging issues will not be executed?
    4.) By the way, no I don't have to just post any issues or concerns on the Plutonium Forum either. What's wrong with talking about issues in the discord? Sheesh, sometimes it's good to discuss these issues in real time with individuals that (should) care about plutonium screwing up based on faulty programming.
    5.) Like for real, how difficult is it to create a system of networks that save your stats in game. It, should be saved to accounts period. You might not want to play on Plutonium if your stats aren't being saved. That's a simple issue that could be solved by a knowledgeable programmer. But maybe not. I just need to know why it's not possible. Please, I'm waiting for excuses.
    6.) So I am, currently, "Requesting all of my Data" through the "Privacy & Safety" section in discords account user settings so I can expose the plutonium NPC/bot/staff member that decided to have me be kicked indefinitely. I'll keep you updated
    7.) However, I do see some qualified programmers are interested in building the plutonium platform. But. This will vary on who wants to contribute and by how much. Possibly, their experiences with certain individuals who control the plutonium servers can dictate what feels worth doing or not. In general I hope these issues all will be resolved, but we'll see what happens in the time up ahead. Plutonium is definitely one fun platform. It could grow larger than it is now too.
    8.)Mods are also a huge interference with the gameplay when it happens. I'm not saying it does or doesn't happen more often than not, but hacks are still able to be done pretty easily on Plutonium. If there is even any anti-cheat in plutonium, it's sort of faulty as well.
    9.)Even If you are working on coding plutonium in your spare time, it would make sense to have simple issues resolved over a longer period of time, which b02 specifically has been out on Plutonium for over a year. But apparently there are quite a bit of staff members on plutonium, so why is it taking the moderators forever to get plutonium right once and for all. It's not like there hasn't been enough time to fix and tweak with the main issues players will experience. I feel there must not be enough desire to make plutonium just a little bit better, but that's just my view. I don't believe everyone has lost passion or has no passion, but do think things could be improved exponentially. Let me know if I am missing anything important.

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  • @8DaylightVibe so you made a long topic without even providing your Discord name to review your ban. If I warned you once and you say you got banned then you must have said some pretty dumb/offensive stuff or it's a mistake.

    You seem very entitled, I don't think you realise what a community project provided for free is. Staff doesn't mean dev and you have no idea what the team is currently working on so don't say the team has no passion or whatever.

    Anyways I won't comment on the other topic you posted calling me a d*ckhead and other cool stuff and I won't comment on the part where you judge Plutonium staff as if you knew what's going on and what's being worked on (on the devs free time the night after their work but whatever)

    If you want your ban to be reviewed provide your Discord #

  • Also FYI I didn't ban. An administrator did so they know what they're doing and there decision is final unless they review it but given how you behave I think they were right and you're not gonna be unbanned.

    "entitled kid, insulting staffmembers, toxic" is the reason why an administrator, not me, banned you

  • @Resxt First of all, I never said the team in general was not passionate. If you stop trying to create a perception that is intended to deceive what is actually happening, then you would be way more intellectually inclined to have a good argument or persuasion. My exact words are "...some of the plutonium staff just don't care..." AND "...I feel there must not be enough desire to make plutonium just a little bit better, but that's just my view. I don't believe everyone has lost passion or has no passion, but do think things could be improved exponentially."
    Get it right, cause your ignorance is blissful to you.

    The reason why you're saying "...FYI I didn't ban. An administrator did so they know what they're doing and there decision is final unless they review it..." is because you want the administrator on plutonium to ban my full account. Let's be real. Stop beating around the bush. In this same exact sentence you say, "...but given how you behave I think they were right and you're not gonna be unbanned." which means you had me banned instantly. Like bro you just contradicted yourself. Think about what you just said. It's fine though, go ahead and show your incompetence and unprofessionalism. Why do you keep thinking in this way. You first say, "If you want your ban to be reviewed provide your Discord #" You then say in the following sentence "...but given how you behave I think they were right and you're not gonna be unbanned."
    Who knows, maybe you're one of those "kids" throws fits when you don't get what you want. Not to a huge extent, but you start to lash out in unreasonable ways. Or did I just irritate you? and on this one occasion you said "you're getting blocked." All I am trying to do is make sense why I can't be a part of this community. You are literally preventing me from engaging with the platform. Another reason why there's a loss of interest.

    If you provided any proof from the discord server that I was an "entitled kid, insulting staffmembers, and toxic" then by all means please show pictures of the messages, or some sort of evidence. Or are you saying I am being that way in my general disccusion? Because that post is actually an opinion about plutonium, and with facts about how you're lying. Even if that's the (your) actual reason (excuse) I got banned from discord, then where does it show that I was toxic to anyone else but you. You literally banned me for no reason, and even the one reason that was given made no sense. You literally believe free speech is a bad thing then. How else do you expect one to possibly react or feel when they get banned when they were just having an opinion? Like please I value what you say, so go ahead and tell me why I am wrong. The only reason why I'm doing this is to prove how your responses have no consistency with anything. You are distorting everything because you feel entitled, yourself, to be justified for causing and effecting a ban on my name through discord. You are trying to do reverse psychology, but nah man it's not working. And it's funny how you added me to your server then kicked me off 25 or 35 minutes later. XD Like wtf is wrong with you. You made no sense in your decision.

  • @8DaylightVibe Literally the creator of Plutonium banned you himself, without me having anything to do with it since we don't chat with other staff to tell which people we warn and it was days after.
    You were (just like you are now) just an annoying person spreading bs typing walls of text to try to act like you're better than anyone else while I was just genuinely trying to help you get unbanned in case it was possible.

    You seem to have some issue thinking clearly, no one is against you or doing reverse psychology or anything.
    I'll just say get real man. You seem to not know how life with other human beings work and what a community is.
    Anyways, if the administrators (creators of Plutonium) wanna review this they can, they are the one who banned you, again nothing to do with me.

    I'm locking this topic because you're not saying anything useful and surely nothing that will help you getting unbanned.
    Genuine friendly advice but you should take a step back and be real for a minute and see how you act with everyone here that's not how a decent person behaves, you have no respect for anything.

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