bo2/plutonuim crashes everytime i join a server

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  • everything is going good until i join. i can even play custom games with my friends, but everytime i join a server it freezes for a second on the loading screen then plutonuim crashes. sometimes it would just freeze and not crash and i'd have to exit it by closing all windows. no error or text, just boots me out of everything. i tried to repair my files like the website said, reinstalled both plutonuim and bo2, excluded everything from my AV. nothing worked. any ideas? here are my game files. Screenshot 2022-04-19 211709.png

  • @Young-God sorry but your game files are a mess. Most of this stuff isn't needed by pluto and might cause issues. I'd recommend reinstalling the game using our torrent, if you want to use redacted create a separate game folder for it.

    There have also been some issues lately when joining servers too quickly, wait for 20-30s after launching the game before joining one.

  • i reinstalled the game through the plutonuim website, but unfortunately, it still crashes when i join a server. although 1 server actually worked. also tried disabling my AV and Windows Defender just in case. is there anything else i can do?

  • It probably happens because you try to connect to a server too fast. Wait for a few seconds until the server browser finishes querying all the servers, then connect to the server.

  • @HannesC Thanks it worked for me

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