Stuck in Bootstrapper after windows update

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  • Hey everyone, I have run plutonium for like 2 years now and everything went fine until this week. After I click on "play" I'm stuck on the Plutonium Bootstrapper window. The Plutonium launcher automatically closes. I think this issue arose after i did the lastest windows update (not entirely sure tho). Does anyone know how to fix this?
    The only 3 lines in the plutonium bootstrapper are: "loading fastfilecode_pre_gfx_mp" then [STEAM] 1 calls ready, running... and lastly [STEAM] running call 1.
    I've read that u should put "r_fullscreen 0; vid_restart" in the bootstrapper window and hit enter but that didnt work for me, unless I put it in the wrong spot in the plutonium bootstrapper...?

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