Trouble Making Custom Colored Wall Buys

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  • So I tried to Change the Color of the Wallbuys and im having this strange issue when I convert them or something Im not sure whats causing the issue but instead of changing the color it just makes tne entire Wallbuy one color in game and doesn't show the Outline of it basically

    After Converted it to DDS and then to IWI I re opened it and it appeared like this in game and in photoshop


    so in game its just entirely purple if anyone has any idea how to fix it that'd be good

    also the file used is called fxt_zmb_wep_wallbuy_02

    The Original Image looks like this b3aad0ab-da1f-467c-88c6-6b429e0472e4-image.png

    Anyways thanks for whoever helps me ๐Ÿ˜„

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