pluto bo2 copy works on steam servers?

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  • Hey, so I got Pluto and all that (great client btw lots of fun) but I was just genuinely curious if I'm able to play on the Steam servers with the copy of BO2 that piry gives you. A few friends of mine picked the steam version up when it went on sale recently and they wanna play it but don't want to download Plutonium client (I tried my best to convince them, guess they like shitty steam servers lmao) so I'm wondering if its possible to join them and play steam servers with the copy I have and how to do it if it is.


  • It's not possible to play with your friends that are using the steam version of the game since you are on a different master server than them essentially. You need to get a separate directory for your steam version and download it on there in order to play with them. You would pretty much need to buy the game if you don't own it currently.

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  • is it safe to use piry copy of bo2 with steam? it was showing steam overlay.

  • Yeah its safe, you won't get vac banned or such. But ofcourse you won't be able to play on steam bo2, you have to buy the game for that.

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