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  • Before everything I am Brazilian, so sorry for my english.
    I have a sugestion about a new plutonium game. This game is Call of Duty online. The official servers of this game will close soon. So I think is a good idea make a Plutonium version of this game. As I say, I am Brazilian, so I never played this game, but I've watched some videos, and it seems a good game.

  • Call of Duty Online has been gone for a long time and not only is that game Fully in Chinese without mods its launched with its own Launcher which Provides its own challenges like having to break whatever verification that you actually own the game and that takes alot more time then its worth

    Im sure you know what is right? Tencent the people that I think owned COD:OL

    had a similar situation that has they are locked behind the launcher basically and can't be launched without it

    and even then COD:OL was a great game already besides for people in America who attempted to play it with the 400 ping and skins being worth over 400 USD from what ive seen

    Its just a whole lotta effort and most likely not possible but is basically make a COD:OL client its still in dev but its the best alternative we have atm

    Hope this answered your question someone more experienced like from the Pluto staff team can prob explain this stuff in more detail to you ๐Ÿ˜„

  • CoD:O isn't worth the effort, tenprotect is a bitch and they also moved a lot of network code serverside meaning creating a client for it would be a lot more work than our current games.

  • @Dss0 This would be amazing

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