Banned for incorrect amount of time.

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  • I was banned for "cheating" in WAW while using the software even though I mostly played solo or with a friend, I was banned for like 27 days (A few days ago) and this makes no sense as the first time being banned is meant to be for 7 days. If someone could have a look over this then that'd be appreciated.

  • If your time got Extended it means you tried to bypass your ban (Using an Alt Account)

    Read the Anti-Cheat Policy Here:

  • Ие. the problem is that we actually have never used plutonium before this. Infact i had no idea that this even existed, i found it while looking at the no more keys for waw problem then found this as a work around

    So how can he have been banned for using a alt to bypass a ban.... If we have never even been on this before?

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