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  • My player name is Davidrtj2001 and I was false banned for “racism or glitching”. I have never been racist and I haven’t glitched in the prism servers. Basically what happened was I was playing buried with some dude and he showed me that you can double your money with the time bomb. I’m not sure exactly how but he told me to press .w all then a couple seconds later he said to .d all. I got up to 11 million by doing this and later someone asked me how I got 11 million and I told him what I did. I didn’t mean any harm and I didn’t think it was much of a glitch since time bombs are in the original bo2 zombies buried. Anyways I was banned for a week and I’d like to have my ban looked at and possible fixed. Thanks in advance.

  • Well, I understand your ban, but plutonium is not responsible for unbanning you from a server. You have to contact the owner of the server, in the chat he will leave you a link to his discord server or his website. They may or may not unban you.

  • @Mr-MaPSaBino thank you for your response. Where can I find his discord? I’ve been looking everywhere, I’ve tried looking up prism on the server list to see if his discord link was in the name and cannot find any. Again thank you in advance.

  • Prism is currently down, also duping is not allowed so your ban is staying.

    "I didn’t think it was much of a glitch since time bombs are in the original bo2 zombies buried"
    Why would a game let you duplicate money

  • IMHO banning players for your bad code is lame. As a player I would stay away from a server that has bad mods and then ban for their failure to write functional code.

  • People could easily solve the problem by removing time bombs of course its not the ideal solution

    If they really banned you for something thats 100% their fault avoid those servers in the Future

  • @SayKo_ seriously dude?? Why are you an asshole? It’s not like I knew I was duping on purpose. I didn’t even know it was really duping I thought that was just how the time bombs worked. I’ve never play buried until plutonium and only been playing plutonium for like a week or two. Some other fuck face was telling me to .w and .d it’s not like it affect you or other players either way.

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