Couldn't Load Image: 'Shadow'"

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  • I'm working on getting the IW5 Plutonium mod working.

    I followed the install guide here; and have verified the installation was good as well, the qbittorrent install was correct.

    I've verified my integrity of game files as well as server files for both and nothing has helped thus far.

    here is the console log from the boot strapper.

    [0_1652564047653_console.log](Uploading 100%)

  • @Keegsy "shadow" is in iw_04.iwd, is that file present in your installation?

    alt text

  • Sorry for not seeing this reply. Yes the iw04 file is present in my installation.

    I tried redoing the whole install fresh. I uninstalled everything for MW3 and then only reinstalled the Server then followed the setup guide for the Server section. Still the same result.

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