Removing score hud?

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  • Is it possible to remove the original scores from the hud? I want to make the player see their own points easily regardless of the amount of players. I have the players score hud code already made, I just need to remove the original score.

  • @techboy04gaming Its not possible to remove the score hud since it is determined in the .lua files. Currently there is no lua compiler for bo2, nor does redacted or pluto support loading lua files as of right now. It is possible to disable the hud completely like hardcore mode though.

    You can use either:
    self setclientuivisibilityflag( "hud_visible", 0 );
    self setclienthudhardcore( 1 );
    where self is the player.

    Do note that having too many hud elems can cause an string overflow which kicks players out randomly without an overflow fix.

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