[QUESTION] Removing Fog on TranZit

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  • Hey gamers, me and a few other fellows from the Pluto Discord have been trying to figure out how to remove the fog on TranZit. So far I've tried setting dvars through GSC for the following:

    setDvar("scr_fog_disable", "1");
    setDvar("r_fog_disable", "1" );
    setDvar("r_fog", "0");
    setDvar("r_fogOpacity", "0");
    setDvar("r_fogSunOpacity", "0");

    It hasn't worked yet, though I did discover that setting r_fog to 0 allows the 4 zombies in the Bus Depot to spawn at the beginning of the game (not sure if they don't spawn on vanilla servers or if that's just an issue with the mods I'm running). Anyway, does anyone have any input / ideas for doing this? I'm thinking that maybe I need to add some include to the beginning, but I haven't been able to find a list of them. Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @luigistyle In _zm_devgui.gsc in patch_zm/maps/mp/zombies there is a function which the devs used to disable fog in no clip.

    These are the dvars used to disable fog in that function:

    		setdvar( "scr_fog_disable", "1" );
    		setdvar( "r_fog_disable", "1" );

    if these dvars aren't already working its likely that they are read only which means the only way for them to work is for developer mode to be active

  • @JezuzLizard Am I supposed to add the aforementioned file to the list of includes? Like I said, I've tried setting both of those dvars already (just without adding any extra includes)

  • @luigistyle So in bo2 there are 3 types of dvars: public dvars which can be changed in the console, cheat dvars which can only be changed by setting their values in the gscs, and read only dvars which can only be changed when developer mode is active or by directly editing memory. If those 2 dvars aren't already working in a gsc its because they are read only which means they are not changeable unless developer mode is active. Unfortunately as far as I am aware developer mode cannot be used in plutonium or redacted.

    Perhaps you can ask rekti or another plutonium developer if they can make the dvars changeable in the console or gsc in the next update.

  • @Mr.Android Do you know if this is a planned feature?

  • Has anyone managed to remove the fog? (sorry my english from google translator)

  • @Johnaster I've seen videos of people removing the fog, but there was no explanation provided. Until Android or a dev can reply to my question, we don't know if it's possible or not

  • @luigistyle If I have also seen videos of how they remove it but it is a bug or glitch they use for it, I hope and hopefully such a feat is achieved for plutonium, same thanks for answering

  • Certainly not a planned feature at the moment. Current priority is getting BO2 updated with our anticheat and forum authentication. Then we can look at things like this.

  • @Mr-Android Yeah, that I understand. I meant like in the future after T6 is brought up-to-speed ๐Ÿ™‚

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