[Support] Help removing menu options for players.

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  • Hi again. I now have my menu working for players on my game. Admins are set as Co Host and players are set as Verified. I have it to where the Verified players cannot access the admin submenus but they can still see the option for the submenu. I want it to where it wont even show verified players the option to the other submenus... I only want admins to see it.

    For example, I have a submenu called "Admin Self Options". Any user can see that in the menu but cannot access it, but the admins can access it. I just want it to where players cant see it and only admins can.

  • @MrDucxy You have to make it in that section:

    	if (self.CoHost == true)
    	self MenuOption("Mad Hax", 2, "Bot Menu", ::SubMenu, "Sub Menu 3");
    	self MainMenu("Sub Menu 3", "Mad Hax");
    	self MenuOption("Sub Menu 3", 0, "Spawn Bot", ::spawnBot);
    	self MenuOption("Sub Menu 3", 1, "Kick All Bots", ::kickAllBots);
    	self MenuOption("Sub Menu 3", 2, "Freeze All Bots", ::freezeBots);
    	self MenuOption("Sub Menu 3", 3, "Teleport All Bots", ::TeleBots); 

    The "Bot" Menu only shows up for Co-Host Players

  • @frosty said in Help removing menu options for players.:

    if (self.CoHost == true

    When I do this i get a syntax error.

  • @MrDucxy Well thats just an example for my menu, check your menu to see how it does that type of stuff for each verification level

  • @frosty the "if" function is causing it. I did

    if(self.status = "Admin")
        self add_option(self.menuname, ">Admin Panel", ::submenu, "Admin", "Admin Panel");
  • @frosty nvm forgot the second = sign

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