AntiCheat Stats 2nd Month + Small Development Update

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  • Hello everyone - Plutonium IW5 has been released for 2 months so please see the stats below.

    Reminder: No anticheat will detect every hacker and we allow server owners to ban any player they want for any reason, so please remember if you are banned from 1 server for hacking, that isn't our anticheat doing it. If you are a server owner and somebody is obviously hacking then please be aware that our anticheat stops hackers when they join a server after being flagged as cheating, as such you may see them in a server, simply kick or ban them and if our anticheat has flagged them, they won't be able to join any other server and will be notified they are banned.

    We currently have 42000 registered forum users.
    Our AntiCheat has banned 360 accounts for cheating in Plutonium IW5.
    199 of those accounts were unique hackers with 161 additional accounts created and instantly banned for attempting to bypass / evade their original ban.

    Development Update:
    Our development team is currently busy in their day jobs dealing with COVID-19 as such we have not released many development updates, we are still working on our Plutonium T6 update and a few features for Plutonium IW5 such as Highrise and the Intervention and Native Controller Support. We are also working on a few other features but Plutonium IW5 but they are too early to discuss just yet.

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