T5 MP Hard Freezes Whenever The "Downloading Game Settings" Screen Appears

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  • Every time I open T5 MP in online mode (in LAN it works fine), the game launches but when it tries to download my game settings, the game freezes and I need to use my second monitor to close the game on the taskbar. This only started occurring after I joined a server for a short period of time in which I got like 1 kill (lol), which is probably when the game saved my playerstats thus prompting the "downloading game settings" screen to appear next time I launched it. I think plutonium hosts the playerdata files on their own servers now for BO2 and BO1 specifically (excluding LAN of course) which makes it impossible for me to do anything if my assumption is correct so if anyone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

    I use a laptop with specs below:

    Intel Core i5-4300M 2.60GHz
    Intel HD 4600
    8GB RAM
    (Plutonium is stored on the internal 512GB SSD in the laptop, but the T5 game files are stored in a external 1TB SSD)
    I run the 21H2 Version of Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

  • I'm having the same problem but can't find anything on how to fix it. Do you figure anything out on how to fix it yet

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