My installation folder disseapeared

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  • So, I just installed the game yesterday. Today I update my pc and the instalation files are gone, the MW3 ones too but I can use that one with the launcher, but dumb me never attatched BO2 there. Is there any reason why this happened?

  • Not sure what you mean, pluto certainly doesn't delete any game files.
    if you can still launch mw3 via the launcher the mw3 gamefiles are still there.
    do you have bo2/mw3 on steam? should be in C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common then.

  • I have BO2 just with Plutonium. Im aware that the files must be somewhere, because MW3 was playable and it didnt eliminated the BO2 13 gb from my hdd, but there are nowhere to be found. I searched the files, checked hidden folders and the general folder´s history, so I guess the Windows update screwed me. I have redownloaded and attatched it to the launcher now.

  • I am a bit more concerned about the plethora of hackers I found in my time playing BO2, but I guess I should search the servers moderators to report that

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