T5 Pluto runs worse than RektT5

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  • if T5 Pluto is based off of RektT5, why can i sometimes barely maintain 60 FPS? Rekt didn't have this problem so whats up with plutonium? I know this client just came out but its pretty much an upgraded version of Rekt so whats with the lag? (DISCLAIMER) Most of the time it runs great but every now and then i get really bad lag spikes.
    Good client, needs better optimization for MP. I think it runs fine for me on Zombies though.

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  • @Rlsky most of the time the game is still playable especially with combat training and offline zombies, but some servers are just absolutely unplayable. Still feels good to see BO1 populated again though

  • @Rlsky Yeah why couldn't we have got the alpha back? It ran perfectly on April 1st. At least until they fix the server browser.

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