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  • Howdy all!

    Just a little guide in leu of the release of BO1 to plutonium. I posted this awhile back on another person's post, but as the devs said at the time, we we're in the testing phase back in like April...

    No biggie and no sweat! Odds are y'all are masterpros at changing Config files so here's what you'll change for your FOV.

    Important Notice: If you fresh installed your BO1 but can't find a players folder, please launch the game(s) in STEAM (both single and multiplayer) so Steam can complete the first-time setup

    Remember that this game is over 10+ years old and depending on what you set your FOV to may or may not cause game-breaking effects, you've been warned!

    Step 1.) Open your files tab and navigate to BO1 in your steam folder (ex. mine's D : Valve/steamapps/common/Call Of Duty Black Ops/players/config_mp


    Step 2.) The way I did it was I changed both config and config_mp (for zombies fov since it doesn't run in BO Multiplayer) and added/changed 3 lines. Make sure to keep it in order with the config file as you're editing them in Notepad. The three lines are highlighted.


    Step 3.) Enjoy! I tried testing it in the launcher and it works for me. Keep the cg_fov in order as seen in step 2 and you should be good! If any problems, I can try to answer them to the best of my ability. If it doesn't work straight out the bat, try reupdating your game file path in plutonium under game settings. It should update as is but who knows! I'll try to answer in the fullest extent that I can come pending questions...

    Thanks All!!


    Here's the copy paste of the lines in order:
    seta cg_fov "100"
    seta cg_fov_default "100"
    seta cg_fovMin "65"

  • Thanks for the guide!

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